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Thunder 200 Launcher

Thunder 200 Launcher


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The Thunder 200 2-shot remote launcher is the smallest, most economical remote launching system on the market. It features all the same great functionality and durability as our 5 and 10 shot models at a new lower price. This unit is perfect for the weekend trainer or avid hunter that wants to get their dogs tuned up for the upcoming season. The T200 requires no cleaning. Its construction is solid sheet, powder coated aluminum built to withstand years of use.

The system is much easier to transport in a vehicle than other training options but its ability to shoot multiple times will advance your dog quickly. Multiple shots aid in helping our dog to see, find, and remember fallen objects.

If your training grows or you need a larger machine, the T200 can be returned to the factory and upgraded to a T500 5-shot model. The T200 launcher uses the same Tri-Tronics or Dogtra release systems that operate most other pieces of remote training equipment on the market.

    The Thunder 200 Features:

    • Multi-shot remote launch
    • Shotgun sound simulator
    • Remote variable launch at your fingertips
    • Reliable throws every time
    • Durable all aluminum construction
    • Compact and fully self-contained
    • Inexpensive operation. Less than 1 cent per shot.
    • Quick and easy setup and reload
    • Minimal Maintenance
    • Size: 9" x 9" x 18", 17 lbs.
    ** Launcher includes 2 standard white / black bumpers. Custom colors can be configured on special order by contacting Thunder Equipment. Additional bumpers and colors sold separately. Electronics, AA batteries, & MAP cylinder sold separately.**

Thunder 200 Combo Systems

Thunder 200

with Dogtra Combo System

T200 Dogtra Combo

PRICE: $1089.00

Thunder 200

with Dogtra Receiver

T200 Dogtra Receiver

PRICE: $989.00


with Rotating Base

Rotating Base Plus T200

PRICE: $1398.00

T200 Upgrade System

Upgrade any existing Thunder 200 2-shot launcher to a Thunder 500 5-shot launcher. Due to the requirements of the upgrade process, your T200 has to be returned to the factory for upgrade. Please don't forget to include our Service Return Form with all upgrade orders.

PRICE $749.00