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Thunder Equipment Warranty & Repairs

Warranty and Repairs

All service returns must be accompanied by our Service Return Form.

Thunder Equipment offers a One Year Limited Warranty on all products. Limited Warranty specifically covers manufacture defects. The warranty excludes excessive abuse, mishandling, product or component wear and resultant damage. (Examples include broken receiver plugs and/or battery boxes.) Any modifications, adjustments, or product changes from original design, or disassembly without factory authorization immediately voids warranty.

We encourage you to contact Thunder Equipment if you have any questions about the use of your new product. If your equipment does not function as warranted during the One Year Limited warranty period and your problem cannot be resolved over the telephone or electronically Thunder Equipment will, with valid proof of purchase, repair it to make it function as warranted. The warranty period starts at the original Date of Purchase. The date on your invoice is the Date of Purchase. The One Year Warranty covers parts and labor, minus shipping.

NOTE: Stripped threads due to forcefully installing gas cylinders are not covered under warranty for any products.

Any unauthorized repairs, product modifications, or unauthorized disassembly attempted by anyone other than Thunder Equipment immediately voids manufacturer’s warranty. Warranty is non-transferrable and applies only to original purchaser with valid receipt. If it is determined that unauthorized repairs, modification, or components were used or attempted, Thunder Equipment will return equipment to factory specifications and provide detailed invoice for services rendered.

Proof of Purchase is required for any repair of warranty items. The warranty does not cover machines or parts purchased from a non-authorized seller, non-authorized repair services, or non-factory components. Non-authorized sellers include any person to person sales, non-authorized dealers, or any other sale except for factory direct or authorized dealers.

After one year, equipment is out of warranty. Equipment returned for repair MUST include a Service Return Form and be shipped to our Factory Repair location. Thunder Equipment is not responsible for any equipment shipped to a different location.

Individuals sending equipment for repair agree to pay all associated shipping costs. Thunder Equipment will repair equipment to factory specifications and provide invoice for services and parts. If equipment has been modified, and service cannot return to original factory functionality without substantial hardware repairs, Thunder Equipment will contact customer for direction.

Payment must be completed prior to equipment being returned. There is a 90 day warranty on all SPECIFIC ITEMS repaired by Thunder Equipment.