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Thunder 100 Shotgun Simulator

Thunder 100 Launcher


T100 Standing
T100 Side View
T100 Back View
100 Side View With Bumper




The Thunder 100 doubles as a shotgun simulator and bumper thrower. No need for poppers or primers. It is 100% safer than current shotgun blanks. One can of fuel is equivalent to $300 in poppers. Can be used equally well with right or left handed throwers. No moving parts! Will shoot in the rain and requires no oiling or cleaning. Built in redundant safeties guarantee safety and reliability. Dogs know the difference between primers and shotgun sounds. Use a product that gets them really excited and can be heard for hundreds of yards!

AKC Approval for Simulators at Licensed Events:

Chapter 3, Section 8. Gunning. Fourth Paragraph.

Either shotguns or shotgun simulators may be used. If a shotgun is used, it must be a 20, 16 or 12 gauge shotgun. Gunners firing live ammunition must be 21 years of age or older. Gunners firing popper loads or shotgun simulators must be a minimum of 16 years of age and if less than 21, must have successfully completed a Hunter/Gun Safety course.

Additional Information

US Patent #10306739


Many clubs need information on rationalizing use of Shotgun Simulators with their members for training days and licensed club events. Recently valued members of the dog training and competitive retriever community put together a summary of reasons and benefits for clubs to continue to use and support Shotgun Simulators for training and competitive events. With their gracious support we have been granted permission to reprint.

Click here to review and reprint as necessary.

Thunder 100 Combos

Thunder 100

with 3 bumpers

T100 3 Bumper Combo

PRICE: $395.00

Thunder 100

with 6 bumpers

T100 6 Bumper Combo

PRICE: $445.00