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Thunder Micro Boom

Micro Boom Gun from Thunder Equipment

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Micro Boom Gun from Thunder Equipment Micro Boom Gun Front Detail



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Thunder Micro Boom is the most revolutionary new product release to the retriever community since our original patented shotgun simulators in 2007.

At 24" long WITH GAS INSTALLED, Micro Boom is the shortest, lightest, loudest, most durable shotgun simulator (boom Gun) on the market which also shoots bumpers!

Micro Boom incorporates an all new internal and external tube design aligning with our industry leading Patent #US 9,464,860.

A CUSTOM HANDGRIP fabricated using advanced manufacturing processes creates a ergonomic enclosed firing system that doubles as a convenient handle. The custom handgrip is comfortable to use, weather resistant to water and dirt, significantly reduces potential for accidental discharge, and protects all internal parts and the gas installation point without the need for added, external, weighty components. The firing mechanism is completely isolated from you hands and will shoot in the rain or other inclement weather.

As an added bonus the Micro Boom will launch Thunder Equipment bumpers compatible with all our other launchers.

If you have been looking for a small, lightweight, realistic sounding shotgun simulator which, is necessary, can also double as a hand held bumper thrower than Micro Boom is the one you want!

Thunder Micro Boom Accessories

Light duty cinching strap with buckle

Light duty cinching strap with buckle

PRICE: $25.00

White Bumper w/ Black Core

White Bumper w/ Black Core

PRICE: $17.90