Thunder Equipment Testimonial

The Thunder Equipment Shotgun Simulators are so innovative and useful, I believe they are going to change the face of retriever training almost as much as electronic collars did twenty years ago. As our sport progresses there is absolutely NO REASON to not use simulators. They are 100% safe, ultra durable and reliable, and save thousands of dollars over poppers. Anyone interested in dog training or competition should use simulators for their training. They can be heard for hundreds of yards in any weather condition and never need maintenance or cleaning. Ever tried to hear a .209 primer at 200 yards in the wind? Ever seen your dog struggle to hear the sound from primer pistols due to environmental factors? Let me tell you, the simulator solves all of those problems.

I have owned and trained with almost every type of remote retriever training equipment manufactured over the past 15 years. The Thunder Equipment Model 500 is the highest quality, most durable, reliable, and easiest to use equipment I have ever trained with! After receiving the launcher it took less than 10 minutes to set up and begin training. Recently we got caught in a flash thunderstorm with rains of 1" per hour and were unable to get the equipment out of the field in time. After one hour the rains subsided and we went right back to the field and started training. The launcher never missed a beat and fired every time. Its unique self-contained design makes transport and storage effortless. I would HIGHLY recommend Thunder Equipment products to anyone looking for high quality, reliable, and reasonably priced training equipment.

Bill Schrader, Two Step Kennels


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