Kingdom Dog Ministries

Kingdom Dog Ministries is a non-profit organization dedicated to teaching obedience and spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the unique use of Labrador Retrievers. Using dogs as a visual illustration, KDM blends humor with simple and timeless biblical truths to show the power of obedience in the life of the believer. Our desire is that you will both learn the power of obedience and gain a desire for a life of submission to Jesus Christ.

Kingdom Dog's History is very interesting, but what is most exciting to us is where God has taken it. Today Hank and the Dogs travel across the nation speaking in churches, schools, various outdoor events, men's groups, women's groups, youth and children activities, evangelistic programs, and many other places. It has been both exciting and humbling to witness Hank being used of God to teach such simple yet life changing concepts. See below for more info on what Kingdom Dog can do for your specific group or event.

History of KDM

Kingdom dog ministries began in concept in 2003, but was not formalized nor incorporated as a non-profit organization until 2007. It began when Hank's son came home from college and said, two things. "Who are you trying to make famous with your life or Jesus Christ"…..and "if you don't see God in every thing, you will see Him in nothing".

Hank had been given a Labrador puppy from his cousin, Ed Marshall. Unknown to hank when he looked down at that puppy and mentally said, "if that is true, then how would you see God in this puppy? Although unknown then, that was the moment that KDM was conceived.

Several months of training later a friend and neighbor Craig Robinson ask Hank how he was able to get that puppy to be so obedient. Hank answered and Craig ignited KDM with the following request. Wow, that is true, would you tell my son those very words…with out a name, or purpose, or direction KDM began.

Today, KDM is nothing more than the sharing of a series of simple, obvious, but often over looked truths. Truths that come from the word of God, and truths that have the absolute power to alter the direction of all who will hear, believe,and apply them to their life. Truths that have no boundaries. They transcend over all differences in life, age, cultures, gender, denominations, etc.. It is enjoyed and life changing for the Christian and the non Christian a like. It has been called amazing, fabulous, captivating,awesome, astonishing,and life changing.

The power that seems to drive it is not perfection or extravagance, but simplicity in truth. Truth that is not just heard, but truth that is visually seen. Although as seen on the 700 club video the original talk was designed for youth. Today the talk is directly targeted to men groups, church services, women organizations, public schools, church schools, out reach events, and business gatherings. Through no formal advertising or promotional efforts at all; Through "word of mouth referrals" only, KDM gave 151 presentations in 2008. In live presentations they were in front of hundreds of thousands of people in 2008. If we include TV, radio, and magazine articles they were in front of millions of American men, women, and children.

Hank says that it is exciting to be part of something that the hand of the Lord is upon, and that it is obvious to him that God wants this great nation back.

Some shorter meaningful comments from others about KDM say it best:

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